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North Carolina’s Soaring Future: Charlotte and Raleigh Among America’s Mega Cities by 2100

In the grand tapestry of America’s future, North Carolina emerges as a key player. The metropolitan areas are set to become some of the most populous in the country by 2100. A recent study by moveBuddha, a leading relocation technology company, unveils a fascinating projection of the top 25 most populated U.S. cities in the next century, based on current migration trends. Charlotte and Raleigh are on the list.

Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia: A Rising Powerhouse

Taking center stage is the Charlotte-Concord-Gastonia metro area, securing an impressive 13th position on the list. Surpassing the likes of Las Vegas, Chicago, and San Francisco, Charlotte’s meteoric rise is evident. From 2,250,187 residents in 2010 to 2,684,276 in 2020, the area experienced a remarkable 19.29% 10-year growth rate. Fast forward to 2100, and Charlotte’s population is projected to reach a staggering 11.01 million people, solidifying its place among the nation’s largest metros.

Raleigh-Cary: A Thriving Hub of Growth

Not to be overshadowed, Raleigh-Cary makes a formidable appearance at the 20th position on the list. With a remarkable 24.88% 10-year growth rate from 2010 to 2020, the metro area soared from 1,137,386 to 1,420,376 residents. Projections for 2100 paint a vivid picture of Raleigh-Cary. Anticipating a population of 8.4 million people, surpassing major cities like Boston, Nashville, and Philadelphia.

Texas Takes the Lead: A Glimpse into America’s Future

While North Carolina secures its place in the limelight, Texas emerges as the true protagonist in the future narrative of America. According to the study, Texas is poised to host the top three largest cities in the country by the next century. “The future of America may lie in Texas,” the study boldly proclaims, predicting that by 2100, Dallas, Houston, and Austin will replace NYC, LA, and Chicago as the nation’s most populous cities.

As North Carolina’s cities carve their path towards mega-metropolis status, and Texas positions itself at the forefront of America’s urban landscape, the study foretells a future where the nation’s demographic powerhouses will undergo a transformative shift. Additionally, the bustling streets of Charlotte and the thriving hubs of Raleigh are poised to become not just regional leaders but key players in shaping the destiny of the American urban landscape.

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