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Empowering Heroes: Our Commitment to Community and Superior Real Estate Service

At Dickens Mitchener, we believe in recognizing the unsung heroes who make our community extraordinary. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our exclusive real estate reward program, “LeadingRE Heroes,” dedicated to local community heroes involved in the significant journey of buying or selling a home.

A Token of Appreciation for Our Heroes

Whether you’re a dedicated public service professional, a tireless healthcare worker, a brave first responder, or an esteemed educator, our LeadingRE Heroes program is designed with you in mind. Imagine this: as an eligible public service professional selling a home for $300,000, you could receive approximately $1,500 cashback at closing. Yes, you read that right – money back in your pocket!

The Power of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

Behind LeadingRE Heroes is the formidable network of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® – a global alliance of over 550 premier real estate firms. This means you not only benefit from our local expertise but also tap into a vast network of top-quality associates worldwide. These professionals live and work in your market, ensuring you receive nothing short of exceptional service throughout your real estate journey.

Seamless Transactions and Exclusive Benefits

Our goal is simple – to provide you with a seamless real estate transaction that acknowledges your invaluable contribution to our community. Through LeadingRE Heroes, you gain access to exclusive benefits, making your home buying or selling experience not just rewarding but truly exceptional.

At Dickens Mitchener, we are deeply committed to our community, and LeadingRE Heroes is our way of expressing gratitude to those who make a difference every day. Your dedication deserves recognition, and we’re honored to be a part of your real estate story.

If you’re a community hero looking to embark on a real estate journey, reach out to your preferred Dickens Mitchener agent. Don’t have an agent? Reach out to Catharine Pappas to be paired with a LRE Heroes agent. Let LeadingRE Heroes be the extra token of appreciation you rightly deserve.