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North Carolina Named “America’s Top State for Business”

It’s not surprising that North Carolina was recently named “America’s Top State for Business in 2022” by CNBC in its annual state competitiveness study. Thanks to its booming economy and solid business environment, North Carolina rarely ranks outside of the top 10 in this annual study, and was a close second on the list last year.

This year marks the first time North Carolina has ranked first overall on the list. In the study, CNBC scored all 50 states on 88 different metrics across 10 key categories. North Carolina scored first in the Economy category, second for Access to Capital and fifth in the Technology and Innovation category.

Why is 2022 the first year North Carolina has come out on top? First and foremost, professionals continue to be drawn to North Carolina for its longstanding track record of innovation and its robust economy. One of the reasons Fortune 500 companies are drawn to the Tar Heel State is due to its diverse and highly-educated workforce, since it is home to several top universities. It makes sense to be headquartered in North Carolina due to the top talent it attracts. Also, political leaders have managed to build the nation’s strongest economy by putting partisanship aside and making decisions to further propel business forward.

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