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Cord-Cutting: Top Streaming Services and Tips

It’s no surprise that cord-cutting has been an accelerating trend in which consumers are ditching traditional TV in favor of streaming services like Netflix. In real estate today, clients may want to look for newer gadgets and technology in homes that fit their needs and can potentially save money. Due to the increasing number of streaming services, we put together the top streaming services options in 2022 and tips to keep in mind before taking the plunge. 

Who is Switching?

Millennials are one of the biggest demographics to look out for when marketing these services to clients in a home. With a high digital literacy, 95% of Millennials have a streaming service. They often are attracted to newer technology and implementing smart home technology into their home. Even though Millennials highly use streaming services, consumers of every generation are making the switch. Baby Boomers are now just as likely as younger generations to be cord cutters with 9 in 10 reporting that streaming devices are really easy to use.

Top Streaming Services

  • Fire TV is a favorable option that you can purchase on Amazon for $34.99 for a 4K stick. It can easily attach to your TV where you can watch endless entertainment.  
  • Chromecast with Google TV costs $49.99 and you can watch entertainment in 4K HDR. 
  • Roku is a very popular option because if you purchase a Roku TV, the services are already provided making it easy and accessible. If you are looking to purchase the device it is $49.99 for a 4K stick and $99.99 for Ultra.
  • Apple TV enhances home entertainment at its best. Starting at $179.99, this device can transform your home into a smart, convenient, and entertaining space. As an iPhone user, you can easily control lights, locks, and thermostats all by the ease of your phone.  
  • If you are an avid gamer, Nvidia Shield Pro ($199.99) is the best option for you. The device uses AI to enhance resolution with world-class streaming and gamers can stream with 4K resolution. 

Tips Before Taking the Plunge

Before you begin signing up for new streaming services, check your previous plan. Knowing how much you already pay can help you create a plan of what to purchase and what to get rid of. Being mindful of what entertainment you consume the least can help you make those decisions.

Another helpful tip is to check your internet connection in your current space. Often these streaming services have increased bandwidth and by running a speed test you can decide which options fit your space.

Do you still like the idea of having live TV? If so, you can look for options that include a live TV option such as Sling, DIRECTV Now, Hulu w/ Live TV, or YouTube TV. Many offer local channels and have various packages to choose from.

Investing in streaming services and cutting the cord may be beneficial, but it isn’t for everyone. We hope you can utilize our tips to help you make that decision! Contact your preferred agent for more information.