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Do I Need A Realtor® To Sell My Home?

Buying and selling real estate has changed so much in recent years. It is easy to go online and search in any area of the world and see what is for sale in a particular market. People are now even buying homes and cars sight unseen since the pandemic. So, many people are now asking, “Do I need a Realtor® to sell my home?”

What is a Realtor®

Let’s first define the difference between a real estate agent or broker and a Realtor®. In North Carolina, when a person completes their training and passes the real estate exam they are then a licensed Broker. Most people are familiar with the term real estate agent which is the same as a broker in NC. A Realtor® is a broker who also belongs to the National Association of Realtors® which is a broad network of real estate professionals. Both are held to a high standard of ethics.

Pros of Working with a Realtor®

Real estate brokers are trained, licensed professionals who are well versed in the local market. They also have knowledge of home inventory that may not be included in the MLS. These are referred to as “firm exclusive” listings. These listings also come in handy for a seller as an agent can potentially sell your home without ever having to put it in MLS. This can save you time and public viewing of your home.

A broker can also save you time and energy. They will facilitate showings for you, alert you to new listings that fit your specifications as soon as they hit the market, and more. They will handle negotiations and help you get the top dollar for your home. When working with a buyer, they will connect you with the best professionals in the area to help you with your purchase. These include loan officers, inspectors, and handymen.

Most of all, they are there to help calm your nerves. If you are listing your home as for sale by owner, you will have to prepare paperwork, show your home, negotiate, find professionals to do the repairs, etc. A real estate broker does all of this for you and makes sure that everything is completed on the legal documents. This can take the stress out of selling your home.

Selling a Home Without Representation

If you still want to go the “For Sale By Owner” route keep these things in mind. Consult with a real estate attorney before you decide to put your home up for sale. The lawyer will be able to help you with any paperwork you will need to complete your home sale. You will need to be the one who shows your home to each potential buyer. It is always best to get a pre-inspection done to be able to repair anything in advance and receive top dollar for your home. A lawyer will also be needed once you are ready to close the sale. If selling your home fast without much effort on your part, hiring a real estate agent will be your best option.

What’s My Home Worth?

Home values have increased in the past year in the Charlotte, NC region as well as many other markets in the country. Curious as to how much your home is worth? Get 3 values instantly by using this tool on our website. Are you ready to sell? Contact your preferred agent or be paired with a Dickens Mitchener agent here.