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Homeowners Impact Fund Update

Update on the Homeowners Impact Fund

In 2020, the Homeowners Impact Fund was launched in the Charlotte area. The vision is for everyone involved in a real estate transaction to give a minimum $10 donation in celebration of the home closing. Together, this would raise over $2,400,000 per year in the Charlotte area alone to be given to reputable 501(c)3 organizations to help support the homeless in our community. Over $85,000 was raised in 2020 and given to Safe Alliance, Urban Ministry, and Charlotte Family Housing. The money was used for rent subsidies and those who need short-term and long-term assistance in housing.

Did You Know?

59% of Americans are 1 paycheck away from being homeless. Rising costs of housing and lower wages are just a glimpse into the homeless crisis in our community. A donation of $1,000 can provide fresh new linens for 20 families; $2,500 can provide 1 day of meals for 400+ people in emergency homeless shelters; $5,000 can provide 1 month of shelter services for 50 families; $10,000 can provide 90 nights at a domestic violence shelter for a survivor and child; $15,000 can provide 1 year of support services and rental support for someone who was chronically homeless to be in permanent supportive housing.

Become A Supporter

In 2021, we have launched the corporate and individual partnership giving levels. How can you help? Become a sponsor, share the HIF with others, talk to your company about becoming a supporter. If we all give a little, together it will add up to a lot. There are many levels of partnerships available to support our local neighbors. See the many options on our website here. For further questions or to get started, please email

The Homeowners Impact Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to ending homelessness through collective giving from those involved in the home closing process and homeownership.