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Dickens Mitchener Gives Back

Earlier this summer, we read an article in The Charlotte Observer about an amazing organization started by ZaNia Stinson. She named it “Z Feeds Angel Food Project” and she packs food & personal care bags for the homeless. We were so inspired by this young lady we knew we had to help.

We reached out to our agents and clients and were able to pack close to 200 bags, and had a carload of food to donate to this great organization. Our staff recently met with ZaNia and the Z Feeds Angel Food Team at Salvation Army Center Of Hope Shelter for Women and Children to deliver the bags.

ZaNia started the organization after she had an encounter with a homeless woman outside of Food Lion. She saw the lady outside asking for donations. ZaNia asked her mother why the woman couldn’t go inside to buy her own food and that is when her mother told her the woman was homeless. They gave the lady money to buy food that day and this was the inspiration to create the “go-go” bags.

The idea is simple. Pack a gallon-sized bag with food items to easily give out to those in need. She also packs personal care bags as well. Her family keeps these bags in their car to hand out as they encounter people in need around the city of Charlotte. She also donates bags to the Salvation Army Center of Hope Shelter as well as a hotel near her church.

Z Feeds Go-Go Bags

ZaNia recently received an award for Young Emerging Leaders from her church. We know the future is bright for this young lady.

Thank you so much to our donors for the generous donations. So many people will be helped by this thoughtful young lady and her team. To help this organization email