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Fall Curb Appeal

Can you feel it? The mornings are getting a little cooler and we can almost smell the pumpkin spice in the air. Now is the time to get the outside of your home “dressed” for fall by adding fall curb appeal. Whether you will be listing your home in the fall or are just doing yearly maintenance, these tips will turn your summer landscape into fall in no time.

Trim The Bushes

The first step to fall curb appeal is to get your yard in shape. Start by trimming all the trees and bushes. This is a great time to cut back all your plants and clear out any dead plants from the yard.

Spruce Up The Lawn

Before you start planting flowers, make sure your lawn is looking its best. Rake away any leftover leaves, patch the brown spots, and edge the entire yard. Once your lawn is in shape it is time to add some color.

Plant Some Flowers

As your summer plants start to fade away, add some color with pansies or mums. Add mums to a planter and place them in the garden to add color at different height levels. Pansies are hardy and look great even as the temperatures drop.

Pressure Wash The Exterior

Every home maintenance plan should include a yearly pressure wash of the home. This should include the home exterior, driveway, sidewalk, deck/patio. This should always be done before a home hits the market. Fall is a great time to add this to your list as once the leaves fall around the home, your home is more exposed.

Update The Front Door

The front door is the welcoming focal point of the home. A fresh coat of paint each year can make a big difference to the look of your home. Add a simple wreath to the door and change it each season. Potted plants can also add a pop of color to the front of your home.

Light The Way

Brighten up the exterior of your home with decorative lights that light the path to the front door. Use solar lights to line the pathway to the front door so visitors have a safe path to follow. Floodlights and lanterns can also add a beautiful glow to the outside of your home.

Simple Decorations

Create a welcoming atmosphere with simple seasonal decorations. Planting seasonal flowers, hanging a new wreath, or adding a decorative flag should not distract potential buyers, but create a warm atmosphere. If you are listing your home near a holiday, keep the holiday decorations sparse so your home is not crowded with decorations, but so the potential buyer can see your beautiful home and not just the decorations.

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