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School Is {Finally} Back in Session

School is finally back in session. After the hybrid world of 2020, many parents are thankful to have their children back in school, in person this school year. Whether your children were all virtual last year or did a combo of virtual and in person, we have some tips for you to make the most of the first weeks of school.

Create A Morning Routine

After a school year of rolling out of bed and logging in to a computer from home, it will take some time to get used to a morning routine again. Create a morning checklist with your child and stick to it. Having a routine in place is always helpful so you don’t feel rushed in the morning.

Ask For Help

Some children started new schools during the pandemic but have never stepped foot into the building. If you cannot attend an orientation before school starts, encourage your children to ask for help. Since parents may not be able to walk their kids to class the first week, let them know to ask adults in the building for help as needed.

Set Small Goals

After a year and a half of virtual learning, it can be intimidating to go back to in-person learning every day. Set small goals with your children to achieve for the first few weeks of school to help them gain confidence. Goals could be finding their classroom on their own, learning their teachers’ names, making a new friend in each class. Celebrate their small goals at the end of each week.

Get Involved

The best way for students and parents to feel connected to their school is to get involved. Most schools have a parent-teacher organization for parents to join. This gives an opportunity to stay updated on the school events. Students should look for clubs or sports they may want to join in the first few weeks of school. It is much easier to make new friends in a smaller group.

This school year will look much different than pre-pandemic. We wish everyone a safe, and healthy school year. Let us all take a moment to be thankful to the teachers, administrators, bus drivers, and everyone else who will be helping to make this school year productive for all the students. Have a great year!