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Home Staging Tips

Have you checked the equity in your home and are ready to sell? The best way to highlight your home and sell it quickly is staging. Give buyers a glimpse of the lifestyle they can live with these home staging tips.

Curb Appeal

The first impression of your home is the outside. Are all your trees and bushes trimmed? Add some quick color by adding planters with fresh flowers. This gives your home instant curb appeal. Don’t forget to keep your grass mowed and edged while your home is on the market.

Clear The Kitchen Counters

Make your kitchen and counter space appear bigger by clearing them. Move the toaster, containers, coffee, and any other appliances off the counter to give the illusion of more space. Clearing clutter in the drawers will also give you a head start when it is time to move.

Remove Furniture

The main living areas, as well as the bedrooms, should have minimal furniture. Let buyers focus on the home and how their items will fit instead of focusing on clutter or a room with too much furniture in it. Think couch and a coffee table for a living area. Tip: remove heavy drapery if it is not letting the natural light shine through the windows while you are removing furniture.

Remove Personal Items

Make the home as neutral as possible. Remember, many people will be looking at your home online as well as in person. Remove family photos from your walls and around the home. Let your buyers imagine their own family inside instead of your family.

Erase All Pet Items

Clean your home thoroughly before each home showing. Some buyers may be allergic to pets, so be sure to deep clean any place your pet may hang out most. When it is time for a showing, pack up the pets as well as the litter box and food bowls so there is no sign of your animals.

Neutral Colors

Your teal and purple painted room may remind you of a great vacation you once went on, but may not appeal to everyone. Buyers can get sidetracked looking at brightly painted walls or wallpaper. Paint over these with a neutral color before your home hits the market. Your home will sell faster when it is neutral.

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