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Charlotte Real Estate Market Overview

Turn on any news station or radio and you have probably heard about the unique Charlotte real estate market we are in right now. If you are in the market to buy a house, then you are well aware that we are in a historic inventory crunch all over the United States.

Charlotte Real Estate Home Inventory

In Charlotte, NC home inventory is down to less than a 2 week supply.  What does that mean? A healthy market typically has 6 months of supply and in layman’s terms, that means that it should take 6 months for an available home to sell. Right now it is only taking 2 weeks! That means homes go under contract before you even have a chance to see them. 

The Charlotte region continues to experience extraordinarily high demand, fueled by years of steady population growth and low-interest rates. Buyers in our market are quickly purchasing almost every new listing coming to market. Sales
easily could have been much higher had there been more inventory and choice.

Anyone interested in buying or selling should start preparing now to determine their lending options and financial position, and should be flexible with location and amenities.

How Can I Find A Home In This Market?

How in the world are you going to find a home in this market? Working with the right agent is the key to navigating this historical home market. You need an agent that is plugged in and has the right connections. Anyone can search a real estate portal. But, what you need is an agent that can make phone calls to fellow agents that might have a home coming soon, or an exclusive listing that is not in MLS, has good contacts in the neighborhoods that you are looking in, and works for a company where everyone is looking out for each other! 

The Dickens Mitchener Advantage

The agents at Dickens Mitchener have access to all these things and more. They are the go-to market professionals in the Charlotte, NC region. They know how to present your offer and what it needs to contain to get accepted in a multiple offer situation. Don’t get frustrated, get the right agent. Contact your preferred Dickens Mitchener agent today if you are thinking of making a move in 2021. Don’t have an agent? Call Catharine Pappas and she will recommend an agent that is an expert at finding what you are looking for and has the connections and experience you will need in this market. Stop missing out on low rates and stop paying someone else’s mortgage.