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Where Do Color Trends Begin?

Each year we see different companies forecasting the “color of the year” in home design. Benjamin Moore recently announced “Aegean Teal” as the color of the year for 2021. Pantone has chosen “Aqua” as a new trend in the coming year. Do you ever wonder how they determine which colors will be dominant in any season? We decided to take a look into where these color forecasts begin.

How Does Fashion Influence Interior Design?

Color trends start with fashion. There are spring and fall fashion weeks all around the world which reveals new color trends. These trends are announced on one of the top color institutions in the world, Pantone Color Institute. They as well a,s Akzo Nobel Global Aesthetic Center(Dulux) are the largest influential style agencies.

Spring and Fall Fashion weeks are where we see the general color trends emerge each year. Pantone releases 2 Fashion Color Trend Reports for each season. We then see these trends trickle down to interior design and even in the retail displays, we see in stores.

Benjamin Moore 2021 Color Trends of the Year

How Do Paint Companies Influence Color Trends?

Each year we see Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams announce their “color of the year”. Each company has its own way of determining trends. They look to the color institutes for influence as well as what is popular in showrooms. Some companies even survey consumers to find out what is trending in home design. We have seen many variations of blue in recent years. Forecasters say denim is very popular and this has influenced bringing blue back into the home. Blue is also a classic color that can be paired with so many other pops of color.

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Should You Follow The Color Trends In Your Home?

We tour so many homes and can immediately spot when a home was built based on color trends. Pink tile with black trim? Must’ve been built in the 1950s. Green or gold carpet or paint? Must be the 1970s. Each decade has its’ own color palette that is recognizable, so it is important to update your home regularly.

The 2000’s have brought about “Agreeable Gray” which has become the new neutral in interior design. This color is a nice backdrop to add in the color trends of the new year. Adding in pieces of furniture, accessories, or even a focus wall are all great ways to incorporate a trending color palette.

Have you been in your current home for over 10 years? It may be time for a refresh. Contact your preferred Dickens Mitchener agent for a recommendation of their go-to home designers. And let us know how you incorporate the new trends in your home!