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Packing Up? 4 Reasons People Are Moving Right Now

We used to think that home was the place to get away from it all. For many of us, our home is now where we do it all. From working to celebrating to working out, most everything we do is now done at home. Today, we look at the four reasons people are moving right now to find spaces better suited for the needs 2020 has brought to us all.

Adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic means redefining what our homes must do for us. And if our existing homes can’t measure up, it means finding one that can. According to the lifestyle blog Keeping Current Matters, here are four major reasons people are picking up and moving to new places:

Working from Home

Working at the kitchen table doesn’t work anymore. With 40-hour work weeks now spent at home, people are looking for a space that is separate yet homey. A place that can provide focus, while being able to shut the door at the end of the day.

2101 Cortelyou Road, Charlotte, NC 28211

Listing Agent: Vicky Mitchener & Ashley McMillan

Virtual Schooling

This schoolyear is brought to you via Zoom learning. Gone are the days where your kids can do homework on their beds or at the dining table before dinner. Now, they need a dedicated learning space that can provide them the privacy and the space to effectively learn from home.

901 Linda Lane, Charlotte, NC 28211

Listing Agent: Aubrey Grier

Home Gym

With germs running amuck, maybe the health club isn’t your idea of healthy living nowadays. Many properties have transformed the basement, extra bedroom and more into state-of-the-art training areas that can rival most gyms.

2746 Hampton Avenue Charlotte, NC 28207

Listing Agent: Sharon Rountree & Jimmy Rountree

Outdoor Space

With so much time spent at home, the ability to go outside for a quick refresh is becoming a home-buying must-have. Coffee breaks are better in your own backyard so if you’ve been thinking about creating an outdoor oasis to spend your time at home, we recommend comfortable furniture, a fireplace and a lot of fresh air.

2631 Colton Drive, Charlotte, NC 28211

Listing Agent: Wayne Honeycutt

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