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How The Pandemic Is Reshaping Interior Design

Like with every coming of a new year, predictions are made as to what will be trending in the world of interior design. In January 2020, predicted the “10 Interior Design Trends that will Rule 2020”; which included elements like statement tile, built-in seating, organic shapes, and more. However, the onset of COVID-19 brought about changes in the industry that no one could’ve predicted and our relationship with our homes has completely transformed. The pandemic is reshaping interior design trends all over the country.

Now, as we are approaching eight months of being at home, new trends have emerged and a new focus has been placed on “function and flexibility on top of aesthetics,” according to

So, what is actually “trending” in the realm of interior design when navigating the unknowns of a pandemic?

Check out these 7 hot trends to watch, as listed by

  1. Work-From-Home Office Spaces

Working from home has become the “new norm” since its societal onset in March 2020; which makes functional home offices more important than ever before. Gone are the days of a rare day spent at home and here are the days by which you spend every workday and weekend at home. So, when it comes to spending such a large quantity of time at home, people are looking for spaces that they enjoy working in and are “souped up with large work surfaces, comfortable task chairs, and expanded storage space to support much heavier usage.”

work from home spaces

  1. Remote-Learning Spaces

With changes occurring, not only in the workforce but in the schoolroom as well, “remote learning spaces” in the home are becoming a trend to watch. Whether it is a bonus room, turned office space or an area that is prime for Zoom learning, there is a need for everyone to have clear workspaces in the home.

pandemic is reshaping interior design online school areas

  1. A Greater Focus on Foyers

Another way the pandemic is reshaping interior design is by using the foyer in a whole new way. According to, “entryways, foyers, and mudrooms are getting extra attention these days as people become more cognizant of maintaining sanitary areas and clear divisions between outdoors and in.” For some, these areas are where you come home after a long day serving as an essential worker or as a space to greet long-time friends and family in a socially-distanced manner. These spaces, although not new, are being used in new ways and a need for increased functionality has arisen.

pandemic is reshaping interior design

  1. Bring the Outdoors Indoors

With being stuck at home, comes a strong urge to be outdoors or bring the outdoors in. This has been seen in the emergence of biophilic design as a trend in 2020. “From large windows and sliding doors that bring the outside in to greenery and nature-inspired colors, design that enhances our connection to the environment will be key to boosting mental and physical wellness,” according to

The property at 1919 Pinewood Circle can be described as elegant. Sit in the sunroom or out on the veranda for year-round views of the professionally landscaped yard.

  1. Hotel Amenities at Home

It’s no secret that traveling during the pandemic is a no-go, but that has also led to the rise in popularity of the “Stay-cation.” Since vacation plans are still on hold, homeowners are looking for ways to make their home feel like a retreat. They have prioritized spa-like bathrooms and places for relaxation that bring all the comforts of a hotel to their home.

Say “hello” to a home that rivals most five-star hotels, 723 Mt. Vernon Avenue in Charlotte, NC 28203. This contemporary craftsman masterpiece designed by one of Charlotte’s finest architects, Harry Schrader, is a one-of-a-kind home. The master bath comes with a sauna, luxurious steam shower, heated floors, and a tub made for the highest level of relaxation.

  1. The Multi-Use Room is a Must

With trips out of the home being kept to a minimum, many families are taking a look inward for places they can spread out. “Homeowners are taking advantage of underutilized basements, bedrooms, and garages, recasting them as bonus spaces for working out, watching movies, and other activities that keep the family entertained during a pandemic.” So, whether you’re looking to create a movie theater, a gym, or a spa at-home; the solution may just be under your very own roof.

7. Emphasis on Outdoor Entertaining

As with outdoor eating at restaurants, many homeowners are creating outdoor spaces that are perfect for socially-distanced entertaining. Since most of the outside world has been shut-down, outdoor entertaining spaces at your home can be a great way to satisfy that social itch. And in a way that is safe for everyone. “Home outdoor living spaces fill a void of missed outdoor experiences and enables safer get-togethers with friends and neighbors,” says principal Thomas Schaer of SHED Architecture & Design.

2137 Foxcroft Woods in Charlotte, NC has it all! You won’t want to miss this stunner built in 2016 by Grandfather Homes on .88 acres. With a large open floor plan indoors and an outdoor oasis in the back, this property is an entertainer’s dream. The home overlooks a saltwater heated pool accompanied by a luxurious hot tub, gas grill, and fire pit. The space is perfect for gathering with friends and loved ones with an abundance of space to safely do so.

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